Japanese Food – Not Only Sushi

Today, maybe, everyone knows the taste of traditional Japanese food sushi. It has its unique bright taste of fish with light taste of rice, and don’t forget about nori! But despite of fact, that sushi is so delicious it is only one face of traditional Japanese food. Here we tell you about other interesting meals of this Asian country.


Meat was one of banned products in Japan for many years, and even now, a lot of Buddhist monks decline this food. But instead of it, Japanese have unique dish named shojin-ryori. The best place, where you may try it is any Buddhist temple or traditional restaurant of Japanese food. Another variant is special cooking classes, for example, Mariko, which is located in the ancient part of city Kamakura. There you’ll be provided with English-language classes and will learn, how to cook this delicious meal. Also, you may even try to make it at home, we hope, you’ll succeed.

Oyakodon – Rice and…

Another traditional Japanese dish is Oyakodon, which is very simple to cook but is very tasty. The main element of this food is rice and other components are eggs, chicken and light sauce. Japanese prefer to use very qualified ingredients, that’s why this meal is so simple, but tasty.

Okonomiyaki – Japanese McDonald’s

Okonomiyaki is one of those types of food, that people call junk food. It is not very difficult to cook, but it consists of a wide variety of ingredients. When you see it at first, you may think, that Okonomiyaki is Italian pizza with another form. This dish is based on thick batter with cabbage and then, you may add everything what you want. For example, Japanese prefer to add bacon, seafood, olives, tomatoes and even cheese. And then it is covered by different sauces like mayonnaise, adding bonito flakes and seaweed.

Takoyaki Octopus Balls

No, not that balls! This dish really has form of a ball and is based on batter which is also mixed with fresh onions, bonito flakes and small parts of octopus. It’s hard to imagine, but people say, that this food is really delicious! But some of them who really don’t love the taste of octopus tentacles may add any different ingredient to this food and rename it.

Japan Has Own Sweets

Japanese sweets have o lot of differences with that ones we prefer to eat and enjoy. For example, one of it, Wagashi, is very tasty and so beautiful. Some traditional and seasonal foods are used in traditional tea ceremonies, such as Squishy, which is made of rice flour and beans of adzuki. But its taste isn’t so similar with our sweet-candies. They’ll be different every month in every region of Japan, so try to taste it all.