Tell Me More Italian Review

Learning Italian is a skill that will serve you well in life. just about every single country in the world has Italian speaking communities and Italian is the native language of many people in Europe. If you ever travel to Italy or other countries with large Italian communities then your Italian speaking skills will win you over with the locals, plus make your life easier as you can read signs, talk to people and generally fit in well with the locals.

Tell Me More Italian is a leading Italian learning solution that is totally interactive and contains very detailed and thorough lessons that cater to anyone from the beginner level up to advanced Italian speakers who want to touch up the finer points of their written and spoken language skills.

If you are a beginner to learning Italian then to Tell Me More Italian Performance 2 Levels product is the best place to start. It costs $209 and consists of 2 levels of Italian learning in a DVD ROM format. It is a basic solution that provides a solid framework for further study.

Next on your agenda should be Tell Me More Italian Performance 5 levels which is the intermediate product that consists of DVD ROM and audio content that you can export to an MP3 player or ipod for on-the-go learning. This package comes at a cost of $309 at

The most advanced and comprehensive course is the Tell Me More Italian Performance 10 Levels which has a DVD ROM full of content, audio content, online tests, access to the always open online learning advisor plus weekly current events exercises. this package costs around $400 and whilst it may sound expensive you are receiving a considerable amount of material that would have taken years to put together.

There are over 1500 hours of learning in Tell Me More Italian which makes it easily the longest and most detailed package available. With 10,000 exercises it will keep you busy for some time. Naturally, learning a new language means covering a lot of ground but no stone is left unturned in this product. It will make you ready to communicate to native Italians, read Italian books and newspapers, watching Italian TV and generally integrate into the community comfortably.

Tell Me More Italian comes with a 90 day money back guarantee although I am sure you won’t use that as the products are so comprehensive that you can’t help but make progress with your Italian skills within a very short period of time.